With a man worth millions, you’d think it’d be a tad bit hard to steal jewelry through impersonation… Well the odds were in the favor of one thief when he was able to pull just that at the expense of business man Nick Cannon, hit the jump for more!

Adriela Batista

Although the worth of the jewels is still unknown, the story goes that a man allegedly called the high end store Fred Segal, by the name of “Micheal” and associated himself as a part of Nick Cannon’s camp. The jewelry thief went on and arranged for jewelry to be hand delivered from its Santa Monica store to the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

“A guy met the woman at the front door, but it wasn’t Michael … it was a guy claiming to be a security guard and dressed like one. The guy apparently indicated he would take the goods up to Nick’s room and come down with cash — in order to avoid paying taxes,” reports TMZ

Los Angeles officials are on the case.