I have lost track of how many women have brought paternity suits against Michael Jordan in his lifetime. I really don’t know what goes through the heads of these women prior to doing it. Do they seriously think that some magic is going to happen and put MJ’s DNA inside of their baby? Or are they naive enough to think that just because it is bad press that Jordan will pay them to stop the nonsense. Well another women has just learned that MJ never loses, unless it is as owner of the Bobcats, Zing! Hit the jump to see what the judge told Laquetta Theus in her b.s. lawsuit.


TMZ broke the story, Laquetta Theus filed a paternity suit against MJ earlier this year in GA court demanding the NBA legend cough up child support for her 3-year-old daughter. MJ’s lawyers pointed out that the child’s paternity had already been established as Hubert Henderson Jr., and presented DNA proof to back it up. But get this, Theus tried to argue that Jordan adopted the name Huber Henderson Jr. as an alias, despite admitting that she realizes they are two entirely different people.

Obviously, the judge wasn’t fooled … and dismissed the case … noting she filed the suit just 2 weeks after another woman had her own fake claims thrown out. He also called her a “fame whore” and forced her to pay Jordan’s legal fees for the case which was about $6,000. So she wound up trying to get money out of him and had to wind up giving him money, lol. Karma.