IFWT CelebKicks x Trinidad James

Trinidad James recently caused a whole bunch of controversy after he said that Atlanta runs New York City during a performance… IN NYC! (The nerve) Well, today the “All Gold Everything” rapper posted up an video via his Twitter account called “The Truth Will Set You Free” with an attempt to clear the air for the second time this week.

He admits that since he only has one smash-hit and no album that he has no real room to disrespect such an important state in Hip-Hop history and how he still wants to be able to make money while he’s here, amongst other things. Listen to the full video to hear what Jame$ had to say in his defense about bashing the Empire State below!


Do you think New Yorkers should forgive Trinidad for his OD disrespectfulness?! Or do we let it slide just this once?! Drop your thoughts in the comment section below and let us know!