Looks like D-Wade already is setting himself up for life after basketball. A report today states that Wade was successful in selling a television show to the Fox network. The show will be mostly comedic and is based on his book “A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball”. The details actually make it sound like it might be a pretty good show. Hit the jump for more.


As for specifics, Ben Watkins (Burn Notice) will not only help produce the show, but he is writing the pilot episode, which will feature the fictional Wade attempting to raise his children as a single dad. The twist is that Wade is a basketball star who gets some parenting help from his “eccentric entourage.” That sounds like something I would at least give a chance. A single dad getting advice from his friends on raising his kids can always lead to something funny happening. I like this move by Wade. Look for the pilot sometime next year.