It looks like Colin Kaepernick is enjoying his new life as a star quarterback.  The San Francisco 49ers QB has been linked to quite a few woman including the beautiful Sanaa Lathan whom he posted a picture with after their dinner date.  Well I guess that didn’t work out because now he’s linked to this hot young R&B singer.

Shay Marie

According to Terez Owens:

“Teyana Taylor flew out to San Jose to meet up w/ Colin at his dentist office. Later she posts pics laying on his exact couch as you can see in the PICTURE ABOVE. He had been previously flirty with Taylor on Instagram.

Now I’m going to need more than a similar coach picture as proof.  There’s nothing posted on Teyana’s twitter account  and she usually says what city she’s in in her Instagram captions but this picture was posted without one.  I’ll keep an eye on it though but be careful T, athletes are a handful.  Although I’m sure she’s aware of that as she was previously linked to Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Jennings.