The RZA has spoken and its looking like in their near 7 year absence, there may be a new Wu album coming very soon, hit the jump for more!

Adriela Batista

RZA took to his latest interview with AP and discussed the upcoming Wu-Tang album which he is hoping to be completely finished in 45 days after fine tuning it. He discussed some of the issues that came into play in the makings of the project including the shift of focus and energy:

“When you’re a young man, you’re hustling and you’ve got 12 hours a day to dedicate to music. It might be more than that,” he stated. “The energy that’s important is constantly pouring out. But when you’ve got to go seek for the energy, it becomes a little more difficult. Wu-Tang is forever, I’ll never take back that statement. But we haven’t recorded a lot of studio albums. This is the first album we’ve recorded in seven years, actually. And we can’t wait seven years for another album.”

For the most part RZA states the production is complete and members GZA, Method Man, Ghostface Killah and Inspectah Deck have laid their verses down over two sessions through out the summer. The only missing piece to the puzzle seems to be Raekwon, who hasn’t pieced his vocals into the new Wu anthems just yet.

RZA states on whether a Wu album could be released without the Chef, “I’m not a dictator about that. Raekwon is a valuable energy to the Wu-Tang, his voice, his lyrics, his approach. Rae is a master lyricist.”