The Denver Nuggets had a pretty rough start but are appearing to get it together.  They’re still without Danilo Galinari and it looks like he won’t be back for quite some time.  Gallinari tore his ACL in April but was expected to have a speedy recovery after it was discovered to only be a partial tear.  Despite the expectations it appears Gallo is nowhere close to ready.

Shay Marie

Originally, Danilo Gallinari hoped to return from his torn ACL in early December, but that is not going to be the case. In fact, he is nowhere near hitting the hardwood at this point.

“Ahead of me I have a lot of things to do – running on the court, being able to do cutting and everything that you do on the court, and be able to play,” Gallinari told the Denver Post. “So a lot of stuff. What we are doing now, we are able to run on the AlterG, this anti-gravity machine. We’re able to do that and other stuff in the weight room.”

Even once Gallinari is cleared by doctors, it’s not out of the question that he could follow Derrick Rose’s path and opt to sit out until he feels more comfortable, though he said he didn’t think he would take that route.

“I don’t think so. This situation, it depends,” he said. “You’ve got to be in that situation to make the call. So, we’ll see.”