It’s looking like the weather is trying to put a damper on the holiday spirit, as a winter storm has been predicted to take over southern, western and Eastern states, causing a threat for Holiday travel, hit the jump for more!

Adriela Batista

The storm is predicted to be hitting South-eastern states before completely making its way East through Wednesday, bringing intense rain and threatening the overall travel in and out of the region.

“If the storm hugs the coast and develops to its full potential, it could be a flight nightmare, not only for travelers in the East, but also throughout the nation,” AccuWeather.com’s Evan Myers said.

Southern states are expected to receive sleet and freezing rain through out Sunday “and in parts of northern Texas and the western half of Oklahoma light snow and frigid conditions” stated the National Weather Service.

“AccuWeather predicted the storm will hit coastal Texas and Louisiana on Monday, head east along the Gulf Coast on Tuesday and then expand northward. The exact track of the storm as it heads up the East Coast Tuesday night into Wednesday night is still unknown and holds the key to whether the region will see dry weather, rain or snow,” reports