IFWT Mike Daniels

While the focus has been on the Green Bay Packers losing star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, their defense isn’t doing too well either.  On Thursday they gave up 561 yards in their 40-10 crushing loss to the Detroit Lions.  While many have complained that the Lions are dirty including Packers Josh Sitton, his teammate Mike Daniels suggested they need to be more like them.

Shay Marie

“We need to choke people, punch them in their throat,” Daniels told the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Daniels said Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy, who was flagged for a hit on a defenseless receiver, showed the kind of toughness that the Packers need to show.

“I mean, that guy got a helmet-to-helmet on us, you know what, but he was trying to send a message,” Daniels said. “Every now and then, you’ve got to do that. I’m not condoning illegal hits, but we’ve got to punch somebody in their throat for once.”

“They just played a better game than us,” Daniels said. “But, like I said, we need to get more violent. I think we’ve lost some of that violence. Somewhere down the line, we’ve just got to get it done.”