It’s only a matter of time before Weed is legal in the U.S. Or at the very least, decriminalized. As of now, there are two states that have allowed its use for recreational purposes. They are Colorado and Washington. Many other states have allowed its use strictly for medicinal purposes, but the process is about as difficult as the “Make a Wish” process. Meaning that you’d pretty much have to be dying. That’s where pet-owners step in. Many feel the pain that their pets feel and are now pushing to have Marijuana prescribed to them. Hit the jump for more info.

The pet owners in question are taking things into their own hands. Instead of just putting the animals down, they are doing everything in their power to save them. … Including Marijuana to help them ease the pain.

According to The Daily Beast:

Research on the medical benefits of marijuana for animals is all but non-existent due to marijuana’s current classification as an illicit drug. Because law prohibits vets from prescribing marijuana to animals, it’s near impossible for vets to conduct tests on animals’ reactions to the drug at universities and research centers.

Jamaal Fisher