Randy Foye, Carmelo Anthony

I know it’s still “early” in the season but when the Knicks have more player meetings than wins, it might be time to start panicking.  While I’ve noticed a multitude of problems such as poor defense, no ball movement, questionable rotations amongst others, the Knicks themselves seem lost as to how to fix their problems and get back on the winning side of things.  On Friday night in their game against the Denver Nuggets, it appeared they may have finally gotten back on track then in the final play with Carmelo Anthony handling the ball as the clock ran down and the chance to tie the game, he waived off the screen and went iso against Randy Foye.  Rather than driving to the hoop, Carmelo opted to back him down, turn and hit a fadeaway shot.  Foye rose getting a piece of Anthony’s shot, blocking it and giving the Nuggets the 97-95 win and the Knicks their eighth straight loss.

Shay Marie

via Marc Berman of the New York Post:

“I didn’t get it done,’’ Anthony said in a rare moment of taking full blame for a loss. “That’s it. My teammates did a great job of getting us in that position, giving me a chance to tie a game or go for the win. I didn’t pull through tonight. I’ll take that one.’’ …

“Once I looked and saw I had a smaller guy on me, my thing was just to shoot over him. I know what I wanted to do and the spot I wanted to get to. It just didn’t happen. I didn’t complete the mission today.’’