The RED campaign literally saved the life of one mom from Zambia, Africa, yet her triumph came after tragedy, as she witnessed 3 of her children die from the HIV virus, hit the jump for more!

Adriela Batista

Connie the mother of three, tragically witnessed as her three children withered away to what she suspected was HIV but ” did not have the courage to test,” due to a negative stereotype placed on the disease and anyone associated with it. The mother finally got tested after the father of the children and husband had became very ill, and the eery positive results confirmed her worries.

Soon after the couple enrolled in the Kanyama Health Center, a program focused on helping those affected by HIV and Aids, by offering free life saving treatment. This life changing treatment has influenced Connie to devout her life to spreading awareness on the Aids epidemic and the importance of testing.

**Check out her story in the RED awareness video below**