Rihanna's doobie

Last week, Rihanna was arguably the most-talked about act at the American Music Awards, when she hit the red carpet and the stage rocking what many women SOLELY rock in their bedrooms: a doobie wrap. This one was a bit fancier, as she accented it with diamond-encrusted pins, but it was still crazy nonetheless! Did she run out of time? Did she really bite the idea off of someone else? Below, her hair stylist gives the 411 on how it came about! What did you think of the look?

Marisa Mendez

On whose idea it was:
It was actually Rihanna’s idea. She had her mind made up! Honestly, I was a little hesitant but I knew she could pull it off, so I was all for it.

On what statement she was trying to make:
It was a nod to fashion! This is a style that can be worn by some of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. The wrap actually has roots in the ’30s finger waves hairstyle, and with the embellished pins, it channeled Old Hollywood.

The pins:
The pins helped to elevate the look from just your average doobie.

On the criticism:
Everyone has an opinion. However, the doobie has been worn to Bergdorf Goodman. They just haven’t been paying attention. And it’s been around since the ’30s. Part of my job is to know eras, trends and fashion, and to keep looks alive by adding a modern twist.