The Kardashians

My family doesn’t do Christmas cards at all period, so I can’t imagine paying this kind of money to do one! Kris and the krew’s recent photo shoot for their most outlandish Kristmas card yet with famed photog David LaChapelle ended up costing a whopping $250k…but of course, they didn’t pay a dime of that. The production company for Keeping Up With The Kardashians paid it out, because it all was filmed for the show, of course.

“At first, David balked because he does photo shoots for major magazines, but Kim convinced him to do it,” a source revealed about the 3-day shoot. “It wasn’t a cheap photo shoot, and the production company of Keeping Up With The Kardashians paid the $250,000 invoice. Hair, make-up, wardrobe, were all paid for by production, and the Kardashians didn’t pay one dime for their Christmas card!” Must be nice!

Marisa Mendez

Source: RO