Stevie J

It’s not looking good for Stevie J. A couple months back, reports hit the web that the Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star owes over $1.2 MILLION in back child support to his ex, music exec Carol Bennett, for their two children. Bennett is officially playing no games, and enlisted the help of The Custodial Support Foundation to make sure they go after and find every dollar Stevie has to his name to make sure he pays up properly.

“Entertainers have the ability of using financial advisors, and managers to help them hide their income to prevent paying child support,” the CEO of the company said. “Having attorneys with the experience of Ms. Rucinski and Mr. Winkler [who’ve been assigned to the case] when attempting to determine the income sources of someone like Stevie J is immeasurable. My father was in the entertainment industry and my mother was never able to collect one cent in child support from him so I founded Project Child Support in my mother’s honor.”

Yeah, it’s on!

Marisa Mendez

Source: La Chic Media