Earlier this season there were whispers of a possible Knicks/Celtics trade involving Rajon Rondo, Iman Shumpert and Amar’e Stoudemire. That deal obviously never really went anywhere, but now reports are saying Carmelo is constantly in Rondo’s ear about trying to make him being a Knick a reality. Hit the jump.


Steve Smith, who is the head coach at Oak Hill Academy in Virginia, where both Melo and Rondo attended, says that Melo has been recruiting Rondo to join him in New York. Rondo is not a free agent until 2015, which is exactly when the Knicks will have salary cap space, even if they convince Melo to stay at MSG after this season. During an interview, Smith was asked by a reporter how he felt Rondo would come back from his ACL injury.

I think he should be fine. He took a long time off and he’s rehabbed the right way. Whether he stays in Boston or not who knows. I know, talking to Melo , he’s recruiting Rajon to come to New York. Melo thinks he’ll come, too. You never know about that stuff though. I think either way, Rajon will be fine.

It is painfully obvious the Knicks need help at the point. Felton is decent, but he goes through stretches where he is just irrelevant on the court. Rondo would be a huge upgrade at that spot, but only time will tell.