A Salt Lake City truck driver has been accused and apprehended on charges involving sexually abusing and keeping a 19 year old captive, hit the jump for more

Adriela Batista

53 year old Timothy Vafeades was arrested in Minessota while stopped at a weigh station after troopers discovered that he had a warrant for his arrest in Florida. Police became even more alarmed after they began investigating and noticed that the teen accompanying him had a severe black eye, as well as several other injuries.

The victim is related to Vafeades and had gone trucking with him in efforts to help him with his business. Instead of providing her employment, Timothy Vafeades held her captive within the truck for months, restricting her bathroom use, subjecting her to his sexual pleasures and ultimately keeping her as his slave.

She stated:

“Vafeades kidnapped her, forced her to have sex with him every few days, filed down her teeth with a power tool because he didn’t like the way they looked, and struck her if he felt like she made eye contact with other people. She said he only allowed her to take five or six showers during the entire six-month period she was captive. The victim also stated that Vafeades is obsessed with vampires, which is why he named his business “Twilight Express Trucking.”

He reportedly had several pairs of false teeth, one of which was sharpened into vampire fangs, according to ABC 15.” HP

Vafeades has been charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and domestic abuse, with a set bail of $1 million.