Merrill Newman, 85, held in North Korea since October, tells reporters he’s happy to be home, but tired. Newman was held for alleged hostile acts. Ironically, Newman is a war veteran. Before he boarded a plane back to San Francisco, he had a discussion with Vice President Joe Biden. Check out there discussion after the jump.

According to Fox News, North Korean state media said Saturday that Merrill Newman, a war veteran, was released because he had apologized for his alleged crimes during the Korean War and because of his age and medical condition.

In a phone conversation with Vice President Biden, Newman was asked if he’d like to travel home in Air Force 2, but declined, stating that it was more convenient to fly commercial. Biden was quoted saying, “As he pointed out, there’s a direct flight to San Francisco, so I don’t blame him, I’d be on that flight too.”

Via FoxNews, Newman was recorded on November 9th stating:

“I have been guilty of a long list of indelible crimes against DPRK government and Korean people,” Newman purportedly wrote, adding: “Please forgive me.”

The statement, carried in the North’s official Korean Central News Agency, said the war veteran allegedly attempted to meet with any surviving soldiers he had trained during the Korean War to fight North Korea, and that he admitted to killing civilians and brought an e-book criticizing North Korea.

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Jamaal Fisher