Some bold high school students from Orange County decided they’d embark on pre thanksgiving festivities by partying at a La Habra Heights mansion when the owner was away. Their plan was semi successful, as many are now facing possible robbery and trespassing charges, hit the jump for more!

Adriela Batista

Los Angeles county officials have arrested 16 teens whom are suspected of partaking in the Project X massive party, held November 23rd. Mayhem began when what would’ve been a prank turned into something bigger with the help of social media, and a couple of tweets. High school students allegedly began tweeting about the banger, being held in a million dollar home; as soon as the owner left, the teens then broke into the house, destroyed and stole prized possessions. And it wasn’t a cheap affair, the teens damage ranged to around $1 million dollars worth!

Amongst the stolen items included: “a mounted, taxidermied snow leopard, a suit of armor with a helmet and shield, military hats, nine Armani and other designer suits, Rolex watches, jewelry, electronics and more, according to the department.”

The snow leopard was worth more than a quarter million, and was later recovered from one of the culprits, that stated they “only stole the leopard because everything good was gone”.