Gucci Mane

A lot of people have not yet caught on to website Cream BMP’s shtick: they write ‘fake’ stories for satire…basically like an urban version of The Onion. They go all out with “quotes” and all, which seem to make people swear it’s real and the rumors spread like wildfire. That alleged Taye Diggs quote where he said working with all the black women on ‘Best Man Holiday’ made him miss his white wife? A Cream BMP article. The story that Ja Rule left his wife for his prison cellmate? A Cream BMP article.

One of their latest involved the currently incarcerated Gucci Mane, saying that he’d woken up to find his cellmate trying to lick the ice cream cone tattoo on his face while attempting to touch him inappropriately, so he choked him to death. LOL! Of course this is not true at all, but because the web was talking about it so much, Gucci (or someone from his camp?) sent out a quick tweet. Check it out in the gallery.

Marisa Mendez