IFWT_mandela- fake deaf interpreter
A damn shame for person to go on a stage when the world is not only watching but mourning the loss of one of the Greatest men in history!!

Tat Wza

The South African Deaf Federation is beyond upset, Outraged is the better word. An unidentified man stood on the stage next to world leaders including President Obama, and was “literally flapping his arms around.” The memorial had other issues, including public transportation down, Security not being solid, and the audio in the stadium of 90k being so terrible people could hear what was being said, but the fake interpreter was the most disrespectful of them all! Apparently this is not the 1st time this guy struck and a complaint was filed, including a suggestion for him to take the 5 year course required to be an actual interpreter, but nothing ever came of it.

Here’s a video:

This shows he was never signing. Here is a Vine made to clown him: