IFWT_Peyton helmet pool

Remember this pic (see above) that went viral over the weekend of Peyton Manning?!  Everyone on Twitter wanted to know what the hell was going on???  It really is a funny picture without an explanation.  Well wonder no more!  We have an answer as to what this picture is about.  Peyton is one dedicated man.  Check it out…



Via DS:

The Broncos’ official website offers an explanation for how this photo came to exist, and said explanation only makes the picture that much more satisfying to look at:

Earlier this season, Manning and tight end Julius Thomas found themselves in the training room instead of practice on a Wednesday.

Not wanting to miss out on mental reps, Manning took matters into his own hands.

With his injured ankle in the cold tub, the quarterback kept his helmet on to listen to the play calls from Offensive Coordinator Adam Gase, who was on the practice field. Simultaneously, he watched game tape on his iPad.

“He heard the calls, he’d repeat them to Julius and they were kind of – it was a way for them to take two hours and stay in the game plan,” explained Gase, who laughed that he couldn’t believe the photo made it onto CBS’ broadcast last week.