Dupree Johnson

Poor Dupree Johnson. The 19-year-old was clearly an avid Instagram user, but he’ll never get to experience the joy of today’s new DM feature….since he’ll be behind bars for quite some time due to pure STUPIDITY.

Dupree already had quite a record with things like grand theft, burglary and felony possession of a firearm, so when a Palm Beach Country sheriff came across his Instagram page, he decided to dig a little deeper and check it out. All the guns and jewelry that were clear as day to see (check out the gallery) were enough for him to head straight to a judge and secure a search warrant ASAP, no Rocky.

I’m sure you can guess what happened next. Deputies discovered a Glock, a stolen and loaded Tec-9 9mm pistol, and a staggering $250k worth of stolen jewelry, electronics and guns. Police believe he may be one of several people responsible for as many as 40 burglaries in the area.

Dupree has officially been charged with 142 felony counts of being in possession of a weapon or ammo, and is currently behind bars with a now-defunct Instagram page. Oh, and a fabulous gem: When police were filling out the arrest report and asked him for his occupation, he replied “thief.” BYE, sir!

Marisa Mendez

Source: Vlad via HP