OH-EM-Gee! Kanye ain’t got s**t on Wale (Denzel voice)! With the end of the year coming in less than 20-days, everyone seems to be in the midst of building lists. Complex often creates lists of different music categories, e.g., fave album, top track of the week, whatever you can think of, but… this year around, the list of, ‘50 Best Albums of 2013‘ has been put out, and Wale’s most recent, The Gifted was, “omitted” as he calls it! You know what he did, he picked up the phone and called over to Complex and gave them an ear full…
“To be omitted from every type of list that ya’ll do, or be at the bottom of it, or eery type of way that ya’ll can omit me, ya’ll will,” the “Bad” rapper expresses. You can hear the venom as he spits threats through the phone. Hit the jump to have a listen.

JaaiR (JR)

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