Gucci mane has embarked on yet another legal matter, but this time he is the “victim” rather than the defendant, hit the jump for more.

Adriela Batista

Gucci mane is officially pursuing a civil lawsuit against Waka Flocka Flame and his mother Debra Antney, for not paying any compensation on released music under his label. Gucci claims that songs were stolen from him while he was incarcerated, including OJ Da Juiceman’s “Make The Trap Say Aye”. Thomas Reynold’s, Gucci’s lawyer stated:

“Ultimately, if he’s not been paid the funds that he’s due, he’s got a right to be reimbursed for any amounts that have been withheld from him,” said Reynolds. “There’s people that were taking funds that they weren’t entitled to, and obviously he’d need to be recouped for that as well…It’s unfortunately not uncommon for an artist to be screwed out of funds. It happens on a routine basis in the music industry, and I just think it’s important when there are questions about these things that people are held accountable and they have to show where the funds have gone.”

“As far as Gucci’s concerned those labels are still signed to him, and Brick Squad Monopoly is still a subsidiary of 1017,” said Reynolds. “As of right now, that’s the way it stands. Now if somebody wants to make an offer to buy it, or to release themselves from a contract, obviously he’ll entertain that and we’ll move forward at that time. But there’s been no serious offers.”