What is the world coming to? An 18-year-old in Pittsburgh is arrested and accused of brutally raping a nun in the parking lot BEHIND the church she serves in. While gathering herself to walk into the church, the kid walked up to her and asked if she needed any help. She responded “no” and began to walk away. At that point, he told her to “look” and then exposed himself. She continued walking away when…

… the kid grabbed her neck and began to choke and punch her. Assistant Chief Dan Couch told KDKA ironically [that] “The first thing you notice when you look up up where this horrific act occurred, is the statue of the Virgin Mary looking down.”

From the attack, the nun is suffering from a broken jaw. Andrew Bullock is charged with felony rape, aggravated assault and sexual assault, and misdemeanor charges of indecent exposure, simple assault and reckless endangerment.
He remains in the Beaver County jail on $50,000 bond.

Little does he know… the guys behind bars don’t take these events lightly. And, after that, there’s a warm place for him below.

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Jamaal Fisher