Most of the talk surrounding Carmelo Anthony involves the possibility of him going to the Los Angeles Lakers when he hits the free agent market.  But there’s another scenario that could land Anthony in LA but to the Clippers instead.

Shay Marie

via ESPN

Jared Zwerling of Bleacher Report offers up a possible scenario which would send Anthony and Iman Shumpert to the Clippers with Blake Griffin, Jared Dudley and Ryan Hollins going back to New York. Anthony and Chris Paul are close friends and reportedly they would like to play on the same team, if possible.

“Playing together has been their plan from the beginning.” a source tells Zwerling.

And another source tells Zwerling: “If they bring in Carmelo, then they could be printing money like the Lakers. Carmelo brings value to the Clippers from the standpoint of them going into negotiations with FOX. (Clippers owner Donald) Sterling wants to somewhat duplicate what the Lakers did with TWC.”

As of right now everything surrounding Anthony is purely speculation, but with the Knicks continuing to lose winnable games the rumors are beginning to pick up traction.  If the Knicks don’t do something substantial quickly then there’s a huge chance Anthony will bolt and not even care about the extra money.