The Boston Celtics are at the top of the Atlantic Division just like everyone predicted (sarcasm).  People didn’t expect much from the Toronto Raptors or the Philadelphia 76ers but with the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks also struggling, the Boston Celtics find themselves in prime playoff positioning and now they’re close to getting their star point guard back.

Shay Marie

via CBS Sports:

Celtics coach Brad Stevens said Saturday that point guard Rajon Rondo has been cleared by Dr. James Andrews on his surgically repaired knee after suffering an ACL tear last season. Rondo is now fully cleared for practice.

But don’t expect Rondo to hop back onto the court. Stevens said he doesn’t expect Rondo back before the new year.

If the Celtics can get Rondo back at a decent level and carry their momentum, there’s no reason they can’t make the playoffs.

All that is well and good but the Celtics don’t have enough viable assets to be a great team.  Sure they can secure that fourth seed but they’ll get pummeled in the playoffs.  Tank mode needs to recommence, they’re in desperate need of a high draft pick.  Please don’t kill me Celtics fans, I assure you this is in your best interest.