Megyn Kelly refuses to apologize for Santa, Jesus could only be white comment

SMH at Fox News, why do you still have this lady on air? Fox New’s anchor, Megyn Kelly, refuses to apologize for her racist and hurtful comments she made live on air on Wednesday. Kelly declared to children that she was tired of hearing about an option to make Santa Claus, black or white, and declared that Kris Kringle himself could only be white . . . Oh and Jesus too! Instead of apologizing, she went on to defend herself as a victim and said that Fox News is always a target. Kelly also said that she was trying to bring humor to the show and said her comment fell onto the ears of humorless people. To see Megyn Kelly’s “Santa Claus” segment, click below.

Scarlet Santana

Do you think Megyn Kelly’s comments were racist or her explanation is justified? If you disagree with Kelly’s remarks, please email her your concerns and comments at : [email protected] !