Beyonce cover

At midnight on the morning of Friday, December 13th, Beyonce dropped a 32-track album on iTunes with no advanced notice, no promotion and not even a single. It was a tactic never-before done in music, and it could have been hit-or-miss…though since it’s Beyonce, the odds were way more in favor of the former.

Billboard closes its sales week on Sundays, and though BEYONCE only had 3 days to chart for this week, it has broken not only Bey’s personal record of best first-week sales, but iTunes’ record for fastest selling album ever AND the biggest debut week by a female artist in 2013! Bey will top the official charts when they’re released on Wednesday morning, with U.S. sales totaling 617,213 copies and worldwide sales of 828,773. It’s safe to say Beyonce will be seeing a platinum plaque before year’s end.

Marisa Mendez

Source: HHNM via Apple