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I’m with Freeney on this one.  It wouldn’t happen, but if someone swindled millions from me — I would want their ass locked up!!  And that’s exactly what the Chargers LB is trying to do.
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Via TMZ:

Dwight Freeney is furious that the woman who swindled millions of dollars from him is getting away with a slap on the wrist, and he’s begging a judge to send her ass to prison.

In court docs filed Monday in Cali … the Chargers LB calls his ex-financial advisor Eva Weinberg’s plea deal a “travesty of justice.”   Eva — along with her lover and partner in crime, Michael Stern — jacked at least $2.2 mil from Freeney back in 2010, when they were handling his finances.

Stern pled guilty … and got 5 years in federal lockup. He also had to return $2.5 million in stolen loot.  Eva also pled guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for a lighter sentence … 36-months probation with 8 months being served under house arrest.

But in the docs, Freeney claims Weinberg “lied repeatedly to the [prosecutor] and FBI” about her involvement in the scheme — laying most of the blame on Stern — just to score an unfairly sweet deal.

Weinberg’s sentencing hearing is going down today … and the judge is expected to approve the plea agreement, or take Dwight’s advice.