Did Eminem just blow a big opportunity because he wanted too much money?? Well, I doubt it because he is already an international star, but performing at the Super Bowl is a chance to be seen by fans worldwide. Turns out Kanye Also got rejected because his asking price was too high. So who did owners settle on? Hit the jump for more.


The NFL owners meeting, which takes place during Super Bowl weekend in New York, was looking for a high profile act to entertain the crowd, which will be about 1,500 people. We aren’t talking about the halftime show, just a party during the weekend. Eminem turned down their initial offer and said he wanted $2 million for the gig. The owners decided to pass on him and went to Kanye West, who also wanted too much. He was asking $1 million, but also for too many perks that the owners decided he also was not worth it. So at the end of the day, Janelle Monae got the gig for a cheap (compared to the other two) $150,000! She probably could of gotten more if she knew what Em and Ye asked for. You guys think they were wrong for asking for so much?