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It’s such a mess over at Target right now, as they found out this week that they’s been hacked, but not a hack for it’s online store, but a direct hack on customer info from customers that purchased items in the stores it’s self, 40 Million Customers at that!

Tat Wza

Authorities are still looking into exactly how the hackers did this, like is it Target’s fault, or the Card reader companies they use, but either way this was Big, 2nd Biggest in US history(1st Biggest was 2007 at TJX Cos Inc, 90 Million Customers affected).

Apparently this started on Black Fri, until recently, and Authorities are also trying to find out if Target let customers know in a timely fashion(meaning did they hold up to get More purchases in before holidays).

If you used a Credit/Debit card in the last Month, please contact you card company and thoroughly go through your bill, make sure you don’t have any crazy charges, then redo Pins, and passwords Immediately!!! Otherwise there’s not much you can do, Maybe not take the Target CEO up on his 10% discount he offered for this bungling!

See how Karma works, Target didn’t want to Sell Bey’s Album, now they are ‘fixed’ 0_0