Philadelphia Police on on the look out for a Christmas thief and his accomplice that struck in broad daylight. According to reports, the theft took place on Friday afternoon. Apparently, the thieves, first, knocked on the front door, and, when questioned by a neighbor, they went around to the back and smashed in a window. Hit the jump for more details.

From clothes, loose change and random papers to presents under the tree, jewelry, and even a Lexus, the culprits were non-discriminatory. Once the victim’s son-in-law, Ozzie Molina arrived to the home, he noticed that nothing was untouched. Mattresses were flipped, boxes emptied, and car keys that were left, were taken. “They ripped everything, jewelry, we had two laptops, two tablets, money,” Milona told local CBS reporters. “People work hard for these gifts, they work hard for the families and unfortunately they’re doing this?”

Talk about a nightmare before Christmas…

Check out a pic of the stolen car in the Gallery!

Jamaal Fisher