IFWT Patrick Beverly

In addition to the common knee injuries, I’ve seen quite a few hand fractures this season.  Paul Pierce, Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, JJ Redick and now Patrick Beverly of the Houston Rockets.

Shay Marie

Patrick Beverley said he was told his fourth metacapal was fractured and would be out four to six weeks. Talk in locker room sounded more like six.

By no means is Beverly a star point guard but this is still a big blow to the Houston Rockets.  He was chosen as a starter and breakout star Jeremy Lin was benched.  Now the Rockets will have to return to Lin but he has also been battling injuries.  Lin missed 10 out of Houston’s last 12 games with a sprained, bruised knee but hopes to return Monday barring any setbacks.

The Rockets other option is to go with Aaron Brooks who hasn’t played much with this year’s starters but the time on the court so far has produced good results.