C’mon Paul, you’re better than this!  She caught you slippin’! SMH. Derek Jeter had the right idea when he banned all cameras & cell phones from his mansion and this is the exact reason why.  Some groupie wanted her friends to know that she was in Paul George’s hotel room (more specifically his bed), so she snapped a pic while his back was turned to her.  I know it’s hard to control, but fellas — you gotta be smarter than this.  Check it out…


UPDATE: Paul George’s Lady friend @devonmichelleee hit our Manager Tat Wza on twitter asking him to take down the post since MTO did, But he decided not to take down the info, just the pictures showing her pic. But he also got more pics from her IG, including but not limited to some sexy pics and video at the strip club!





Source: MTO