Rev Run's Christmas 2013 Message

Every year, the Rev puts out a message for Christmas….probably written from his Blackberry while in a tub filled with bubbles. LOL! Check out what he had to say this year below.

Marisa Mendez

Being home for the holidays is such a blessing! How do you spell happiness? I spell it: F A M I L Y!

Question – What do you love most about your home? Many people would say things like “my bedroom,” “my kitchen,” etc.

I’ve been filming a home renovation show for the past year (premiering January 4 at 10 pm on DIY Network//HGTV!!!) shameless plug … But seriously, after someone asked me what I love most about my home, it dawned on me. What I love most about my home is WHO I share it with.

This holiday season when all is said and done what will matter MOST is NOT what’s under your tree, but WHO is under your roof. I’m so thankful I’m home for Christmas! Praying you’re with family & friends also… Blessings to all!!

God is Love
Rev Run