Losing will do this to you. Especially when hopes were so high for the Nets before the season started after all the moves they did during the summer. After another dismal performance on Christmas Day against the Bulls, reports have Kidd tearing into his team again and questioning their effort. Things were so bad even Kevin Garnett had words for his teammates as well. Hit the jump.


“I think again, it’s easy, it’s simple,” Kidd told reporters after Wednesday’s rout. “When we don’t put the ball in the basket or we miss shots that are makeable, it translates to our defense of transition for us where we’ll give up a layup and then that turns into another layup for the opposing team. … That is the carryover of missing shots and not giving the effort. The bottom line is effort, and we’re not doing that right now.

“At the end of the day, the coach can only hold you responsible for energy and effort,” Kidd said. “If you’re not giving it, I have to take you out. If you’re missing shots, that’s just part of the game. But if you’re not giving energy or effort, I’ve got to take you out.”

This comes just days after Kidd said his team seemed comfortable with losing.

Garnett had words for his teammates and their effort before walking out of the locker room after the game. The Nets have had terrible luck with injuries this season, but even during the times that players have been healthy, they just have no looked like an actual team on the court. Lucky for Brooklyn they are in the East and have a realistic shot to make the playoffs even with the terrible start.