IFWT Andrew Bynum Cavs

Today the Cleveland Cavaliers announced that Andrew Bynum was suspended indefinitely.  Several NBA insiders reported that Bynum and the Cavaliers were done completely and that he would be released or traded by the team.  They also noted that Bynum isn’t interested in playing basketball, that’s something that’s been rumored around the league for quite some time.  Whether that’s true or not there’s two teams Bynum would reportedly be interested in playing for.

Shay Marie

ESPN’s Bill Simmons weighed in on the situation calling Bynum’s loss of passion a ploy. Simmons goes on to say that Bynum will ‘regain’ his love of basketball when he gets away from the Cavaliers and joins a team he wants to play for.  Those two teams are reportedly the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Clippers.

There’s also the question of Andrew Bynum’s knees and how they’ll hold up but a healthy Bynum who wants to play could change things drastically should he land with the Heat or Clippers.  Whichever team picks Bynum up should he and the Cavaliers part ways, they would owe him $6 million.