Didn’t the Lakers learn their lesson the first time they had Bynum? Well actually yes they did because this trade won’t go down the way you think. The Cavs have been after Gasol for over a year and the Lakers know it, and since things are not going so well between Gasol and coach Mike D’antoni’s system, this could be an opportunity for the Lakers to get some value for him. However if this trade goes through, the Lakers have no plans of keeping Bynum. They would waive him and by doing so save about $20 million dollars, which would allow them to be players in the free agent market the next couple years. After all is said and done, I am sure a team who needs help at the center position would take a chance on Bynum, even though reports now say the real reason the Cavs suspended him was because he had sex with an assistant coaches wife, which obviously caused extreme tension. The trade would have to happen before January 7th. Hit the jump.