When you have a player the superstar quality of Kobe Bryant, your team tends to have quite a few national TV games scheduled during the season. Networks know fans across the country want to see Kobe play, even if you are not a Lakers fan. But what happens when the superstar can’t play due to injury and the team is hard to watch without him? Well basically those same networks start replacing Lakers games with other more intriguing matchups instead. Hit the jump for more.


The Lakers have now had 2 games that were supposed to be on national TV changed to show other games instead. A Matchup on January 8th and January 20th featuring the Lakers have both been replaced by Suns vs Timberwolves and Blazers vs Rockets respectively. Now if you can care less about the Lakers this is no big deal, especially if you have league pass or something like that. But this just goes to show you maybe the Lakers weren’t so crazy to give Kobe that recent contract because little things like this show just how valuable he is to the franchise. Don’t be surprised if more Lakers games are removed as well.