Martin Scorcese’s hit, ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ has not only gained recognition for it’s spectacular screenplay but also for its uncut vulgarity! The movie has officially set the record for F*ks given during a movie, hit the jump for more!

Adriela Batista

Leonardo Dicaprio is a part of yet another classic, but i’m sure this is the first time he has been acknowledged for this type of honor. The “Wolf Of Wall Street” depicts the life of the cutthroat business and wall street lifestyle and what better way to show the intensity than through profane language? The ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ has set the record for the number of times “fuck” is said:

“…in a non-documentary movie, according to Variety. Over the course of the film’s three hours, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and their cast-mates supposedly use the expletive 506 times. That means someone utters the word roughly 2.81 times a minute. The site claims the previous record holder was Spike Lee’s 1999 serial killer movie Summer of Sam, which let the F-flag fly 435 time”. RollingStone