Of course fans want to see Kobe Bryant in the NBA All-star game, but with his recent injury that’s not looking so good.  So what does Kobe think about it?!  You might be surprised to hear that he doesn’t want you to vote for him.  He wants you to vote for someone else.  Check out what he had to say about it…




Kobe Bryant said he’s flattered that fans have him on track to start in the NBA All-Star Game Feb. 16 in New Orleans, but isn’t sure he will be able to return in time from a fractured left tibial plateau to be able to “put my stamp” on the game.

Instead, Bryant thinks fans should vote for some of the younger players in the league, like Portland’s Damian Lillard, who are having breakout seasons.

“I really enjoy watching what the younger guys are doing and how they’re performing,” said Bryant, who was second among Western Conference players in the latest round of All-Star voting, which was released on Dec. 26. “Even though there’s so much respect from me to be able to go out there and play for the fans, I’d much rather see the young guys play in the game because they’ve obviously put the work in to be in it. I’d much rather go out there and see them participate.”

Asked when he’d make a decision on whether to play in the game if he was voted in as a starter by the fans, Bryant said, “I probably won’t be able to come back soon enough to put my stamp or make my mark on the game, so my advice would be to focus on these younger players, the Damian Lillards of the world, because they’re more than deserving to be playing on that weekend.”

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