Pictures will get you almost every time!  While pictures can be interpreted differently, this one (which is now in the hands of investigators) of Jonathan Martin enjoying the company of strippers is pretty convincing that he was NOT dragged for some adult entertainment.  You remember the whole Dolphins bullying mess right (you can catch up a bit HERE and HERE)?!  Was Jonathan Martin “dragged” to strip clubs by Richie Incognito?! Check it out…





Via TMZ:

…After Martin left the Miami Dolphins in the wake of his bullying allegations against Richie, there were reports Incognito had been holding linemen meetings at Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami … and players who didn’t show up were fined and mocked.

But sources connected to the NFL investigation tell TMZ Sports … Martin had sent several text messages to Richie before the fallout making it clear he was VERY comfortable hanging out in strip clubs.

In fact, we’re told the picture was taken at Tootsie’s during a team outing in the summer of 2013. Sources connected to the strip club tell us Martin was hanging out with roughly 15 to 30 teammates that night and appeared to be enjoying himself (just look at the grin and the stack of cash in his hand).

We’re also told … the text messages show Martin would OFTEN reach out to Incognito about his fondness for strip clubs, especially Tootsie’s … and never gave any hint that he was ever uncomfortable in that scene.

In one of the texts, sent in June 2013, Martin told Incognito he liked Tootsie’s so much, he planned to bring some visiting high school friends to the joint for a good time.