Live from #CES2014, where the world see’s what the ‘Next’ Tech is going to be!! IFWT was able to stop by the HD Radio booth, and us being heavily involved in radio, we found a MUST HAVE for all radio junkies, NEXT RADIO!!

Tat Wza

So I’ve known about Next Radio for a bit but I was able to get some time with Paul Brenner, whom informed me about the real deal with this exciting app. Next Radio App uses a radio chip built in exclusively to Sprint phones, giving you the opportunity to listen to your favorite local radio stain at a moments notice. Now the are 3 things I really think are going to excite you, 1) By using the built in chip, you are not really using your data plan(with no worry of overage or throttle, Especially if you’re Boost prepaid), giving you the opportunity to listen to the radio while you checking out your other favorite apps. 2) besides saving your bandwidth, it saves your Battery, which is possibly the MOST Important point! Imagine you’ve listened to Hot 97 all day, and your battery is still at 98%, Incredible! 3) Me being a gadget lover, Sprints Moto G is one of the best Androids on the Market, And The Moto G on Sprint/Boost now has the Next Radio App, so you can have a cool A** phone Save your Battery and Data!! But you know what, don’t let me tell you, Let Paul tell you:

Oh btw, I filmed the interview on my Google Glass, which I would love for this app to be in, I could listen to the radio all day on My Glass!!!