Knicks coach Mike Woodson finally made a statement last night, but it was more about what he didn’t do instead of what he did. After JR Smith received another fine from the NBA, coach made the decision to never bring him off the bench during the Knicks big 102-92 win over the Miami Heat. The Knicks had a much better flow on the court and the fact that they handled the Heat all night without the services of Smith speaks volumes. It sent a message that the team has had enough of Smith’s antics and Woodson stuck by his guns by benching him all night for an important game. JR himself obviously felt some type of way, which you would expect after never getting on the court. Now he doubts his future is in NY. Hit the jump to see what he said.


After the game, J.R. Smith was asked if he believes his future is with the Knicks: “Honestly, I don’t even know at this point. At one point I was for sure.”

With the benching and the trade rumors hanging over his head, the team is basically saying get your stuff together or it’s over for you. His talent is not the problem, it is his continued poor decision making on and off the court that has reached a boiling point with Knicks coaches and front office personnel.