Teams around the league are already drooling over the prospect of Timberwolves big man Kevin Love being a free agent after next season. Even though it won’t be till 2015, teams are already making roster moves to be in a financial position to acquire Love’s talents. It is a known fact that he will not re-sign in Minnesota. He already gave them his loyalty once by signing an extension, but that will not happen again since they organization has done nothing to show him they are interested in being a contender. But according to reports, unless you live in one specific city, you can forget about Love being on your team. Hit the jump.


An Eastern Conference executive has said it’s known around the league that All-Star forward Kevin Love wants to sign with the Lakers when he becomes a free agent in the summer of 2015.

“They should trade him,” one Eastern Conference executive said. “No one thinks he’s staying. Everyone knows he wants to go to the Lakers.”

Kobe would be in the second and final year of the huge 2 year/$48 million dollar contract he signed recently and the addition of Love would be sure to pump energy into his aging body to make one last run at a title. The Lakers are going to be in position this summer to sign a big name free agent, but with the knowledge that Love wants to be a Laker, that might persuade them to hold off until the following summer.