During his cover story for The Source magazine, Macklemore shared his thoughts on his hefty competition for the upcoming Grammy Award show. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are nominated for seven grammy’s, same amount as Kendrick Lamar, who is up for similar awards. Check the below the jump for what Macklemore had to say.

Rocko Rathon

He first says Hip-Hop fans would be displeased if he won for Best Rap Album.

“[In the Best Rap Album category]. we’re up against Kendrick, who made a phenomenal album. If we win a Grammy for Best Rap Album, hip-hop is going to be heated. In terms of [that category], I think it should go to Kendrick. He’s family. TDE is family, and I understand why hip-hop would feel like Kendrick got robbed [if he didn’t win].”

He goes on to clarify his statements and insists that he does want to win an award.

“I would love to win a different category. We obviously had massive success on commercial radio, and I think that, in ways, The Heist was a bigger album, but Kendrick has a better rap album.”

Who do you think should walk away with Best Rap Album?