Denver Nuggets v Golden State Warriors

The Knicks season started off pretty badly but the new year has produced good things for them.  Winning four of their last five games the Knicks look to be on the right track.  Still the team could use some tweaks with the injury of Pablo Prigioni and poor play of J.R Smith.  They reportedly tried to acquire Kyle Lowry from the Raptors but didn’t have pieces of interest to complete the deal.  Now they’re reportedly eyeing Nuggets guard Andre Miller.

Shay Marie

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The Knicks are now said to want to work their way into the bidding for Denver’s very available Andre Miller, but the same problem that doomed New York in the Lowry chase a month ago — limited assets to offer — doesn’t bring much hope.

While Miller is said to be unhappy with his situation in Denver it’s unlikely that the Knicks have enough to substantially offer in the trade.  It wouldn’t be smart to give up anymore first round picks and the Knicks aren’t too keen on giving up their young talent in Iman Shumpert and Tim Hardaway Jr., although Shumpert’s name has come up before.