IFWT_1st person to be on list of imprisoned journalist
An Alabama man, Roger Shuler, who owns a politico Blog, Legal Schnauzer, has been calling out politicians for corruption, and all kinds of conspiracies. It seems though that these politicians are not happy with it because his blog has gotten quite a few defamation suits, and him unwilling to cooperate has now landed him in jail.

Tat Wza

Because of his imprisonment due to his right to the 1st amendment, Shuler has been put on the “Committee to Protect Journalists“, which is made of journalist kept in prison in countries like China, Iran, and Egypt. These countries don’t let journalist say whatever they want, so it is kinda historical being Shuler is the only one on the list from the western hemisphere. Shuler has been in jail since October and his term seems to be indefinite, unless he agrees to cooperate. The Arrest and Shuler’s actions both leave no room for a clear right or wrong;

“You’ve got a situation where sometimes there’s no good guys,”

said Ken White, a former federal prosecutor in Los Angeles who writes about and practices First Amendment law.

Shuler’s arrest does seem to be political, since the judge that ordered his arrest is friends with person that filed the latest defamation suit, whom is the son of a former governor….This is all pretty fishy!!

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